Tiger and Dragon

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Legend has it that in ancient China a powerful white tiger and a terrifying dragon have been guarding a valuable treasure!

Play for prizes up to the ₿ equivalent of: US$90,000

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Price per play:
₿0.0002 - ₿0.0006

Game Details 

Choose your bet between from B0.0002 BTC to B0.0006, which is shown as mBTC0.2 to mBTC0.6 in the game screen.

The maximum prize is the Bitcoin equivalent of US$90,000.

1 mBTC = 0.001 BTC

The return to player (RTP) is approximately 95.30%.


How To Play And Win

Click on 'Play/Try', then on 'Try Game' or 'Play Game' and then on ‘Continue’ when the game screen opens.

To start a play, you need to choose the bet amount by clicking on the + or – buttons located in the bottom left of the screen and press the Spin arrows. Alternatively, you can press 'Auto Spin’.

The Spin arrows make the spin with 50 lines and the total selected bet. By pressing ‘Auto Spin’ you will automatically play with the selected number of spins. 

If a line can give more than one prize, that line will be awarded with the combination that produces the highest multiplier.


Playing Rules

  • Tiger and Dragon is a slot machine with 6 reels and 10 rows, with millions of combinations and free spin features

  • The PLAY button generates a spin with the selected bet (alternatively you can also press the space bar).
  • By pressing Autospin you will automatically play with the selected number of spins.
  • If a line can give more than one prize, that line will be awarded with the combination that produces the highest multiplier.
  • The winning combinations and payments will be decided according to the Prize Table.
  • Calculations of winnings are based on combinations of consecutive symbols from left to right.
  • The Wild symbol can substitute any other symbol except the Bonus and the Mythological symbol.
  • Upon each spin, the winning symbols disappear, leading to a re-spin in which the symbols above the empty spaces shift down and new spaces are filled with other symbols. Prizes obtained in this way are added to the total prize. The process is repeated until there are no prizes left.


Free Spin Phase 

  • If a regular spin triggers 5 or more connected re-spins, it generates a Free Spin stage. Each Bonus symbol obtained in the spin counts as an additional re-spin when deciding access to Free Spins.
  • The number of initial free spins is decided on the basis of the total number of connected re-spins triggered by the spin which led to this stage.
  • During this stage, each winning spin increases a counter which multiplies the prizes obtained.
  • If a spin triggers 3 or more re-spins during this stage, additional spins are awarded.
  • The free spins stage is played on special reels without Bonus symbols.
  • If, upon ending the free spins stage, the total prize is less than 10 times the bet which activated the stage, 5 additional free spins are obtained. Additional spins will continue to be awarded until the total prize of the stage exceeds said minimum of 10 times the bet.
  • The free spins stage is played on the same betting level as the spin which triggered the stage.
  • The maximum prize for the free spin stage is limited to 20,000 times the bet which triggered the stage.


Tiger And Dragon Roulette

When the progress bar is full, access to the mini roulette game is granted. The amount at stake will be the accumulated jackpot.

In this mini-game, the player must choose between the Tiger and Dragon. Subsequently, the Tiger and Dragon Roulette will spin until it stops on one of the pockets; the multiplier obtained will be added to the total multiplier. If the symbol of the pocket corresponds to the one chosen by the player, an additional spin will be granted. If the symbol of the pocket does not correspond to the one chosen by the player, or if a value of 100 has been exceeded in the total multiplier, the stage ends and the player receives a number of coins equal to the total multiplier times the quantity accumulated in the jackpot at the beginning of the mini-game.

Free Round Bonus

FRBs (Free Round Bonus) are rounds that you can enjoy completely for free. The value of the bet cannot be changed and the rules of the rounds are the same as the normal playing mode. If you have FRBs you will be notified when the game loads and a notification window will also be shown when the FRBs run out in order to notify you that the next round will cost the established bet amount.


Claiming Winnings

Winnings will be credited instantly to your Crypto Millions Lotto account and details can be found in ‘My Account’. Please read the 'Terms & Conditions' on this website for more information.