How To Add Bitcoin

Once you've set up an account with us, you need to add Bitcoin (also known as depositing) to start playing Crypto Millions Lotto, Instant Wins and Slots on this website.

It’s simple, quick and completely safe and this is how you do it:

1. Click on 'Add Funds' in ‘My Account’

2. If you own Bitcoin, send it from your existing wallet to your Crypto Millions Lotto account, either via the normal blockchain or via Lightning Network if your wallet is compatible. However, we suggest you open a Walleto wallet (www.walleto.world) in your own time as this is the wallet we pay your winnings to.

3. If you don’t own Bitcoin, open a Walleto wallet (see www.walleto.world), which takes less than a minute

4. Once opened, click on ‘Top Up Your Balance’ and buy your Bitcoin - we have the best currency-to-Bitcoin conversion rates, the lowest fees and the easiest buying process 

5. Click ‘Send’ in Walleto and enter an amount that you wish to add to your Crypto Millions Lotto account – repeat this step next time you want to top up your Crypto Millions Lotto account

6. The transfer is instantaneous and there are no fees (that is the advantage of Walleto!)

7. Check your account balance once you’ve logged into your Crypto Millions Lotto account

8. You’re now ready to play

If you require any help, please free to contact us.

Good luck!