Guaranteed Payouts

Is the payout guaranteed?

All your winnings are guaranteed to be paid out at Crypto Millions Lotto as all tickets are fully insured with grade A insurers through the world's leading prize indemnity insurance and risk management specialist.

What happens when I win the jackpot?

We have a very simple process for paying out big wins. To begin with, we’ll call and email you to give you the good news! Then we’ll ask you to verify your account by sending us a copy of your ID and proof of address. Once verified, we’ll make arrangements to pay your winnings in full to your bank account or Bitcoin wallet, whichever you choose.

How do I withdraw winnings to my bank account or Bitcoin wallet?

To collect your winnings, you must specify the bank account or Bitcoin wallet you want us to pay into, and the amount you want paid. It should take no more than a couple of days to make the transfer to your bank or Bitcoin wallet. If you want your winnings in Bitcoin, you will be responsible for any conversion fees.

How much will I win if there are other winners?

If your ticket is a winning one, and there is another winner in the same draw amongst our players or in the German National Lottery itself, then you will share the prize equally.

How do I know if I've won, and how much?

In ‘My Account’ you can see all your ticket history along with the results and the current account balance.