Jungle Linka

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Create links to win or double your prize with a SuperWin!

Play for prizes up to ₿3.00000

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Price per play:
0.00015 - 0.0006

Game Price And Details

Choose your bet between from ₿0.00015 to ₿0.0006, which is shown as mBTC0.15 to mBTC0.6 in the game screen.

The maximum prize is ₿3.00000.

1 mBTC = ₿0.001

There is a 1 in 2.89 overall chance of winning a prize on each play with a return to player (RTP) of approximately 68.00%.


About Game

Jungle Linka (“Game”) is a game of chance. You are not required to exercise any skill or judgement to win a prize.

You can try the Game for free before you decide to play. Before you play, ensure that you have sufficient funds in your Crypto Millions Lotto account.


How To Play And Win

Click on 'Play/Try', then on 'Try Game' or 'Play Game' and then on 'Play With Sound' or 'Play Without Sound' when the game screen opens. 

To start a play, you need to choose the bet amount by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘–‘ buttons located in the bottom right of the screen and then press ‘PLAY’. Alternatively, you can press ‘AUTOPLAY’ and choose the ‘Number of draws’ you want to play.

Once ‘PLAY’ or ‘AUTOPLAY’ is pressed, the numbers on the grid will randomize, the golden SuperWin number will be located in the bottom right cell of the grid. The 4 Hot Spots are the 4 red cells located in rows/columns 2 and 4. The draw will commence and start creating horizontal, vertical or diagonal links if consecutive numbers are in adjacent cells on the grid. The game is completed when all the numbers in the cells have been drawn with one of the following outcomes:

  • If 5 or less links are created; no prize is awarded.
  • If 5 or less links are created but the golden SuperWin is the last drawn number, a multiplier of 1.5x the bet amount is awarded.
  • If the final drawn numbers land on one of the 4 Hot Spots and you have less than 10 links, you will lose your indicated prize. Otherwise, the number of links you achieve will win the prizes indicated in the prize table located to the left of the grid.
  • If the final drawn number lands on your golden SuperWin cell, and the number of links created is greater than 5, the indicated prize in prize table will multiply by 2.


Claiming Winnings 

Winnings will be credited instantly to your Crypto Millions Lotto account and details can be found in ‘My Account’. Please read the 'Terms & Conditions' on this website for more information.