How to Play

  • How do I enter a lottery draw?

    You must set up a Crypto Millions Lotto account first, deposit Bitcoin and then choose your numbers before purchasing a ticket. You can set up your account by clicking on Sign Up and follow the steps to deposit Bitcoin.

  • When can I enter a lottery draw?

    Once you have created a Crypto Millions Lotto account, deposited Bitcoin and entered your numbers, click 'Buy' and then 'Confirm' and you have entered the draw. You can enter draws at any time up until the 'Cut-off' time, which is 5.25pm Central European Time (CET) on Wednesday for Wednesday's draw and 6.25pm Central European Time (CET) on Saturday for Saturday's draw. Approximately one hour after each draw you will be able to enter tickets to the next one.

  • Can I enter lottery draws in advance?

    You can enter tickets up to 36 draws in advance as long as you have sufficient Bitcoin in your Crypto Millions Lotto account.

  • How do I check my lottery numbers?

    You can check your lottery numbers by going to Check Results, and selecting the draw which you would like to view.

  • Where can I view tickets I have purchased?

    You can view all your expired tickets and those currently in play, i.e. those that you have entered for future draws, under 'Tickets' in 'My Account' once you're logged in.

  • Can I watch draws live?

    Yes, lottery draws take place twice weekly, at 6.25pm Central European Time (CET) on Wednesday and 7.25pm Central European Time (CET) on Saturday. You can watch them live on television at http://bit.ly/1uUtwoS.

  • How do I get my free tickets?

    Once you have signed up at Crypto Millions Lotto, you will get 5 Lucky Dip tickets for the next draw. You can check your numbers in ‘Tickets’ under ‘My Account’ and also in the email we send you.

  • How much does it cost to enter a lottery draw?

    Each entry costs the Bitcoin equivalent of approximately US$2.00 – US$3.00 depending on the value of ₿/US$. You can enter a maximum of 10 entries per ticket and up to 36 draws in advance as long as you have sufficient Bitcoin in your Crypto Millions Lotto account. To add more entries, you simply need to open a new ticket after you have bought the previous one.

  • What are the lottery prizes?

    The jackpot and all prizes are shown here or on the How To Play page.

  • What currency does Crypto Millions Lotto pay out in?

    All prizes are paid out in Bitcoin, except the jackpot and 6 number prizes, which are paid out in US$. However, if you wish to receive either in Bitcoin instead, it can be arranged, but you will have to pay any associated transaction costs.

  • Do I have to go through KYC/AML?

    You only have to go through KYC/AML if you withdraw more than ₿5.0000, or win the prize for picking 6 numbers or the jackpot. In these cases you will need to provide photo identification, e.g. a scanned passport or drivers’ license and proof of address, e.g. a utility bill or bank statement.

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