Lottery For Your Charity

Lottery For
Your Charity

Did you know that in the UK, some of the most famous charities run their own lotteries?

The RSPCA, McMillan Cancer, Samaritans, National Autistic Society, Unity, Cancer Research UK, Health Lottery, Fire Fighters Lottery and many others. There are more than 500 in total.

Lotteries are a fantastic way to raise funds. Let us start a charity lottery for you.

Here's 6 reasons you should consider a lottery for your charity.

1. Engage

Engage and better involve your benefactors. A regular lottery is a perfect way to stay in your supporters' thoughts, keep them on board and become a fun part of their lives.

2. New

Get support from a range of people who might not usually donate. You can guarantee that a charity lottery will engage a new audience.

3. Opportunity

A charity lottery is a whole new fundraising channel. It brings new opportunities for marketing and helps you enhance your social media presence.

4. Results

In our experience, it won't be long before you're generating new revenue streams. Lottery players are known to be very loyal.

5. Recurring

Charity lottery generally creates predictable revenue flows. Cancellations are rare and quite predictable in numbers.

6. Cooperation

Be part of a unique, digital lottery and benefit from our marketing campaigns and brand engagement.

Why us?

Get started within a day

Licensed, legal and 100% online

No set-up or ongoing charges

All marketing materials provided at no cost

Excellent promotions to new customers

Huge jackpots that are won every 31/2 weeks on average

View every ticket purchased by your supporters in real time

Receive donations from every ticket your supporters buy

Receive your donations whenever you want, daily, weekly or monthly

Receive a US$2,500,000 bonus donation if one of your supporters holds the winning ticket!

We've done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is market and promote the lottery to your exisiting benefactors and potential new supporters.

If you think a lottery could help with your fund-raising activities, please contact us at info@cryptomillionslotto.com and we'll get you started straight away.