About Crypto Millions Lotto

A new house or a college education?

When you play lottery, you’re not just buying a place in the draw, you’re buying a ticket to your dreams.

Whatever your dream, a place in the sun, financial security for life, a magnificent soft top sports car, a lottery ticket today could make it come true tomorrow.

We are the world’s biggest digital lottery, which means you play entirely online. No queuing in crowded shops or handling a paper ticket or cash.

You can play twice a week from the comfort of your own home, for the chance to win our guaranteed jackpot, which starts at $30 million and increases until it’s won (if $30 million is hard to imagine, think of it as about $3,000 a day for the next 25 years). It’s one of the biggest guaranteed prize pots available.

Our results are based on the outcome of the German National Lottery which has been operating since 1995 and which is drawn twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday. This makes our results completely transparent and fair.

And if lottery is not for you, we have lots of other digital games you can play.

Crypto Millions Lotto provides a digital lottery with huge, guaranteed jackpots under its own international gaming licence. We pay our prizes from our ticket sales, and larger jackpots are insured with a leading prize indemnity insurer, which is how we’re able to guarantee that you’ll get paid.

Whatever your dream, you can dream bigger with us.